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Terraria pvp capture the gems; Terraria pvp games
Topic Started: Dec 20 2011, 02:50 AM (2,254 Views)
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This Wednesday (12/21/2011) I will be hosting a Terraria server for a pvp game called "capture the gem" (capture the flag)
For more info check this video with all you need to know about the game and basic rules.
if you have friends that play and can join bring them along. (warning there will be a limit to the number of people so first come first serve)(8-10)

:Rules for this game:
1. must make a new medium core character for match.
2. no items may be brought in from your saves.
3. will have a 25 minute set up time.
4. don't cross the middle area during setup.
5. first team to capture both of the other teams gems win.
6. teams must not move their gem chests.
7. to win both of the other team's gems must be in your goal chest.
8. once your gem makes it to the other teams goal chest it can not be taken back.
9. because of medium core, dieing makes you lose all your items and they are fair game for other team.
10. lastly and most important, when stealing the other teams gem you must travel above ground to bring it to your goal chest.

More details will be added to this post Tuesday (12/20/2011) as for the time, and server.
if you have any questions reply as soon as you read this.
EDIT:the time for the game will be 2pm 3pm U.S eastern standard time.

EDIT: the Hamachi server is called testerraria9000
the password is zman
and the ip is

EDIT: time may change if to few people show up.
Edited by zman9000, Dec 21 2011, 03:42 PM.
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