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CWR Discussion Not Pertaining To a Specific Clan; Also the unofficial Mercenary Guild topic.
Topic Started: Oct 19 2011, 12:51 PM (350 Views)
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Thanks Poui.

Because there's bound to be plenty of this necessitated and not all of it can be done via the Skype chat.

So if anyone has a clan or individual who wants to hire Mal (or is putting a general call for any mercenary) post it here, so I know. If not, then in my next post I'll have Mal call it a fruitless day, return to Elspeth's Place for a number of reasons (figuring out exactly what to do with Luta mostly) and then a few posts later when the day is winding down have him head to the Guild again and have him sleep in the quarters provided for him (or any registered merc)

Now, some info on the Mercenary Guild, and Mal's role in it.
Mercenary Guild

More to come in that maybe.
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