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CWR: Sol Clan; With actual information!
Topic Started: Oct 5 2011, 08:32 PM (484 Views)
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What, are we going to be the first ones with walls of text?

CWR Sol has a very proud and righteous attitude. They're centered heavily on the arts and have a rich culture which appreciates artistry and creativity, as well as such activities such as meditation to clear the mind, body, and soul. Being a past superpower, Sol hopes to reattain its past power - they're an ambitious bunch who, particularly, look down upon immoral or sneaky/underhanded means to acquire wealth and power. They have a very strong sense of law and what is right or wrong, and of duty and responsibilities. Solians feel that they have a duty to themselves, to each other, and to Weyard: thus, as a group, they're very collective and close-knit, and what each Solian does they consider to reflect on the clan itself. They elevate themselves as a clan so much so that it could be considered a big fault, wherein those who aren't Solian are almost automatically somehow (whether spiritually, intellectually, or artistically) below them in some way. They refuse to lose their dignity or stoop to "lower" methods or what they consider corrupt and unbalanced. In the interests also of balance, beastpeople are a prominent influence and group in Sol. Most beastpeople are Solian, but not all Solians are beastpeople, essentially, and they are respected and treated as any other Solian; there's no discrimination or special treatment there. As such, beastpeople are entitled to all the positions a Solian human is, and have the same sense of responsibility or duty to their clan.

Being an intellectual or an artist is far more important to the Solians than wealth: as such, the sway of the clanless mafia or the intricate details of the economy have less of an influence on Sol/Solians. They treat those who are "less cultured" with a sort of pitying kindness, but those who they consider equal (e.g. a Solian) are treated differently when they do wrong. A Solian outcast would be shamed before the clan - there would be less in the sense of corporeal punishment, but rather a sense of shame and guilt deeply imprinted into the culture, because of the idea of duties and loyalty to the clan. However, in terms of military strength, Solians also believe in maintaining a careful balance in one's lifestyle. Thus, most Solians train regularly in exercises (not necessarily combat exercises, but to keep physically fit) and in meditation to keep the spirit at peace and relaxed. They also, as mentioned earlier, like to learn and express themselves artistically. Thus, there are probably many artistic or architectural remnants in all the areas of Weyard that Sol once had control over. One other such idea is the construction of small teahouses/resting places scattered throughout Solian territory (it is up to the leaders of other clans whether these still remain in their territories, if Sol once had control of the area) for pilgrims, travellers, and any others on the road who need a place to rest or think. These little places are typically quiet and removed from civilization, offering the quiet zen atmosphere of the wilderness and simple amenities.

There is little organization in the sense of a properly defined military: when it comes to war, Sol prefers to call upon its people to fight as needed. They are also trained as needed (boot camp, weapons, etc.) The longer a war goes on, the more experience they will gain. More common in Sol are particular groups or special ops of well-trained fighters, as Satty said, of "well-trained badass poet-philosopher-warriors". Take that how you will >_> Dragonmaster is the general for most of these aspects. Either way, even the members of these organizations are also intellectuals who take care to balance their physical training with other things. Solians are unlikely to turn those who broke the law over to their respective clans (or clanless) justice systems, rather, they will carry out justice themselves. Possibly in the form of Tundarian hikes! Sol has a pretty sizable fleet of ships, though most of them are primarily trade ships; however, with three (arguably four) port cities, the navy is in no way weak.

Okay, that's what we've got so far for those two. Cities below, but they're sort of works in progress, along with other details like most interclan relationships, history, and anything else I think of that we've missed.


Daila: TBD, fortified port city with trading both overseas (Idejima being the port) and over land)
Shrine of the Sea God/Kandorean Temple: Religious/spiritual areas. More details to come.
Madra: TBD, trading port city with a concentrated population.
Dehkan Plateau: TBD
Alhafra: TBD, trading port city.
Garoh: Garoh is the central city for beastpeople, and is a very large city with its own distinctive beastpeople culture. It's constructed with much attention paid to natural surroundings, similar to its appearance in GS1/2 but much larger. It has a very natural and calm atmosphere about it. Think the artistic spirit of DD Belinsk coupled with the caves/cavedrawings and general wilderness feel of Garoh.
Air's Rock: TBD
Mikasalla: TBD, some sort of agricultural center.
Tundaria/Tundaria Tower: TBD, possible military operations.

Will be updated accordingly, I hope. X3

edit: Based on thisand this in part.

Edit 2: Solians, feel free to let me know if I forgot something >_> It's hard to summarize all that discussion.
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Unlimited Prinny Works

Methinks I've had an interesting idea for your Clan Leadership mechanic in this rendition. And am also curious if you've selected one. How about the naming of Sol's clan leader follow the mechanics of the Catholic papacy, where when somebody is chosen as the Clan Leader, they obtain a titular name to replace their normal one. And, perhaps Saturos could still be the Clan's mythic founder, but died of natural causes long, long ago.

For example, the current Leader of Sol could be called, like, "Saturos d'Sol, the Sixteenth", and that would be what they're known for, rather than their past name.

Also, if Sol doesn't have a Leader for CWR... might I step up?
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Follow the discussion topic in our Clan forum, Isk!

And mmm, we did the catholic themed stuff before, Sol this time is more Eastern. And Dancer is leader :3
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