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Clan Wars Redux; A Dracobolt and Werebarret production, with special thanks to Boydyboy~
Topic Started: Sep 29 2011, 12:29 AM (3,346 Views)
Princess Emi
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I'm the motherfactoring princess

I might wanna join with a Luna character. maybe Sol. but I hate reading immense tl;dr and college has started for me too so I don't know a) if I have time b) if it'd mean reading incredibly long battle scenes and c) if Luna even needs people here or if Sol does or wut.

I don't think I want a particularly bloodthirsty character either, as in I don't want to RP FIGHTS FIGHTS AND MORE FIGHTS and want at least some other stuff in there too if I DO join. what would have been the ratio of battles to other stuff in the last one, or in this?

(I did read the first post. but I didn't see any answer to my question... )
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The Phantom Squee
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400 billion suns

Oct 1 2011, 04:40 PM
Granted, that could basically have the same effect when discerning the illusions of Solians and Lunarians, but if we're using Jackal's outlines for the Clan's powers (which according to the OP/GM, we are,) then Jovians' mind abilities have been downgraded and are no longer able to instantly allow them to know exactly what's going to happen. That could be seen as just as hax as solid shadows.

I'm fairly certain that Reveal would not allow one to detect something that's going to happen, yeah. I always pictured it as being like D&D's true seeing spell, which lets the user see through magical concealment (though not, it's important to note, mundane concealment--if some dude's wearing a completely nonmagical disguise, it won't see through that). Doesn't give any sort of precognition, nor an eyes-on-the-back-of-your-head effect.
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me IRL

I wonder if a jovian can use time psyenergy to seal weak psyenergy and set them as proximity traps.
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solbowz Aurarius

Callista Mercuria III
Oct 1 2011, 06:20 PM
what would have been the ratio of battles to other stuff in the last one
Other stuff: Battles

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In CWR we're going to have more actual battles, but since I'm apparently GMing this, I'll make sure there are opportunities for non-combatant characters.

:mercury_djinn: :mercury_djinn: :mercury_djinn:
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Now available in stereo!

I'm late since I've had a busy week and don't typically read this part of the forum anymore, but everything has been said that I wanted to see said, so...

*dusts the Delfeir persona off* I'm in.
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b l o n d e b o n d
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Wombo Combo

Oct 1 2011, 06:27 AM
Also, as far as I know, Arty and I are the only ones playing Lunarians at this point

I also plan on being a Lunarian; I look forward to trying out indirect approaches to things.
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Avatar of Venus, Creator of Broken Worlds, The Most Moe

Sep 30 2011, 07:28 PM
One other thing, the approximate tech level will roughly Old West tech. More details on specifics later.
Psynergy is now NULL AND VOID because guns. :awe:

But trains, [radio edit] yeah. brb, getting my horse and cowboy hat.
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Fulminous Witch
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Okay, so... can someone make a post containing - in a nutshell - the summarized pros and cons of each element, as well as the details about the various fields? Also, what would be the gauge of - if any - the various rankings in each elemental field? I'd like to at least prepare a character sheet, and once the commissioned artwork is done, I'll probably submit an application as a clanless.
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