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Temple of Kraden News: Welcome to the Temple of Kraden! ------ All worshipers may enter the Most Holy Place in single file, reflecting on the bountiful blessing Kraden hath provided unto him or herself since their last visit. Head coverings are not necessary, as true penitence and humility are found within. The Priests and Priestesses of Kraden endeavor to remind all that fresh orange juice is heavily preferred; only whores use frozen.
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Greetings, heathen. Perhaps some fortuitous blessing of Kraden's grace hath led you to our humble Temple, or perhaps you are simply curious about this strange and wonderful cult. Should you be willing - and dare to hope - to achieve enlightenment, the door opens before you. Lo! Leave your old life behind! For once you step through, you become something more than just yourself.

You become a Kradenette.

Are you willing to make the rapturous plunge? Do you have what it takes?

One of us! One of us! One of us!

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Temple Monthly News

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Zetaboards Conversion into Tapatalk

Posted by Saturos (Iris) at May 17 2018, 09:37 AM. 63 comments

Ryu Gaia kindly pointed out that Tapatalk, the current owners of Zetaboards, are forcing a conversion for all Zetaboards products into Tapatalk, their own format. There's a lot of uncertainly about what this will actually mean and what it'll look like, so I'll kind of update as I go.

This seems to be a helpful topic someone made, so to go through it for some of the highlights...

We're told here that existing CSS and themes will be grandfathered into the new board, so that would be nice if so.
*However, on the FAQ they say "
- Will our old skins be on our new board and will we still be able to use them?
No. It is a different system on the new platform, your old skins will not work there. You have access to the CSS on the new platform. You will find a good number of useful codes in this forum:"

A significant change appears to be that you won't be able to use linked avatars anymore. :okay:

It's still pretty early, so we'll see what the outcome ends up being. If they offer a database download, that would make it fairly easy to migrate to another service altogether. If they iron out the flaws in Tapatalk and it ends up working out, that would be nice. We did transfer from Invisionfree to Zetaboards, and the Zetaboards head is apparently working on making this transition smooth as well.

Our Illuminati will convene, our ears are open to your feedback or ideas, and ofc, once we get a preview test board, I'll be sure to share it with all of you.

May the blessings of the Almighty be with us. :kraden:

Interforum event at Golden Sunrise this weekend!

Posted by Saturos (Iris) at Jul 26 2017, 01:19 PM. 5 comments

Posted Image

Feel free to go check it out, if you have some free time! =)

ToK Mixer Mar 31st-Apr 2nd!

Posted by Saturos (Iris) at Mar 30 2017, 11:38 PM. 21 comments

Hello, everyone! The Temple of Kraden will be hosting an interforum mixer this weekend, welcoming other members of the Golden Sun United Nations and newcomers of all stripes! There will be a few special events and things to explore! Expect to see some of the following over the course of the mixer:

- Special RP forum, "The World of Dreams"
- GS Trivia on Discord
- Golden Sun theme day/costume party! Change your username to something Golden Sun-related and celebrate the series!
- AMA with the Almighty Kraden Himself
- S h e n a n i g a n s
... and more!

Feel free to spread the word to your friends on other sites/social media, if they're interested in GS/you want to spread the Temple love!

Let's make this a wonderful new Temple year together, and celebrate the GS community!

borrowed from the last interforum event, here's a quick Temple overview!

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