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Temple of Kraden News: Welcome to the Temple of Kraden! ------ All worshipers may enter the Most Holy Place in single file, reflecting on the bountiful blessing Kraden hath provided unto him or herself since their last visit. Head coverings are not necessary, as true penitence and humility are found within. The Priests and Priestesses of Kraden endeavor to remind all that fresh orange juice is heavily preferred; only whores use frozen.
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The Basic Rules

1. No hacking
2. Play nice with others
3. Keep spam in good taste
4. Keep wholesome the Temple, no illegal stuff or obscenities
5. One account per person, and pick a good username!

By registering, you agree to these rules and to the full version of the Temple rules as can be found here.

[Please use a valid email address to register! We use that to determine if you're a real person or not! Also, post in our Shoutbox to prove your humanity and expedite the registration process.


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