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Greetings, heathen. Perhaps some fortuitous blessing of Kraden's grace hath led you to our humble Temple, or perhaps you are simply curious about this strange and wonderful cult. Should you be willing - and dare to hope - to achieve enlightenment, the door opens before you. Lo! Leave your old life behind! For once you step through, you become something more than just yourself.

You become a Kradenette.

Are you willing to make the rapturous plunge? Do you have what it takes?

One of us! One of us! One of us!

Already one of us? Make your presence known:

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Concerning Our Temple

Regular Forum The Prophet's Pulpit
The prophets of the Temple, thine admins and mods, shall make the announcements and pronouncements concerning the Land of Kraden here.
CONTEST: Poetry Aug 16 2016, 04:32 PM, By Artemis
0 viewers Topics: 419 Replies: 23,423
Subforums: Belinsk Summer Festival
Regular Forum Feedback and Suggestions
Want to help us all better the Temple for Kraden's glory? Give us your general opinion of the place, suggestions to improve it, or anything along those lines. Anonymously/privately talk to the staff here.
Search function doesn't work Today, 6:22 PM, By DJ Octavio
0 viewers Topics: 341 Replies: 13,129
Regular Forum Intros and Farewells
New to the noble estate of the Temple of Kraden? Introduce yourself to the rest of his followers here and join us, or if you're leaving for however long, let us know.
Hello o/ 29 minutes ago, By leaf
0 viewers Topics: 1,476 Replies: 45,817


Regular Forum Golden Sun: The Books
The Broken Seal, The Lost Age, Dark Dawn. Discuss the Golden Sun games themselves here; open the story that we know and love.
Alex/Jupiter Lighthouse Jun 18 2016, 03:30 PM, By Gwydd
0 viewers Topics: 562 Replies: 17,006
Regular Forum Golden Sun: Fandom
The world of Weyard is vast, with room enough for everything. This is not only the games, but the world as a whole, speculation, fandom, and miscellaneous things.
Gamnesia Ultimate RPG Showdown Aug 21 2016, 01:11 AM, By Will
0 viewers Topics: 403 Replies: 18,048
Regular Forum The Clans
Our Weyard.
Liquor and Loli Foundation Jul 15 2016, 12:50 PM, By Lemubaby
1 viewer Topics: 795 Replies: 34,224
Subforums: Mercury Clan, Mars Clan (wololo!), Venus Clan, Jupiter Clan, Sol Clan, Luna Clan
Regular Forum The Clan Commons
The Clan Commons, where people come to join a clan (or stay clanless). The neutral ground and courtyard of the Temple, where Clans mingle freely. Realize your imagined Temple here.
*installs A Snack Bar* Today, 8:24 PM, By Adnarel
2 viewers Topics: 731 Replies: 176,623

Creative Arts

Regular Forum The Atelier
Do you have a creative work you want to share with the Temple? Post it here, whether it's fan fiction, original fiction, poetry, scripts, drawings, photographs, music, compositions, or anything else!
I'm not dead, I spent three weeks with ann… Aug 21 2016, 03:33 PM, By leaf
0 viewers Topics: 946 Replies: 24,756
Regular Forum Roleplay
Join on an epic quest with others, weaving many characters and roles into a masterpiece of a tapestry. Help others to weave their own story, or become the weaver yourself.
Mafia 59 signups Aug 24 2016, 01:43 AM, By Glas
4 viewers Topics: 1,128 Replies: 98,411
Subforums: Sign-ups and Discussion, The Battlefield, Roleplay Archive, Mafia Forum


Regular Forum General Discussion
General Discussion wants YOU to talk about everything! Coherence only, save the spam for PG. :3
What are you doing now? 48 minutes ago, By Nonary
3 viewers Topics: 4,888 Replies: 157,144
Regular Forum Ţe Olde Mother Fornicating Artes Discussion
Discuss books, theatre, live action movies and television, art, music, and just anything that doesn't fall into the illustrated arts category!
Temple Of Kraden - Now Playing Today, 8:48 PM, By whimsikal
0 viewers Topics: 850 Replies: 29,378
Regular Forum Temple of Illustrated Arts
Discussion of anything animated or illustrated should go here. This includes Anime, Cartoons, Manga, Comics, Animated Film, Web Comics, and Flash Animations.
Kubo and the Two Strings Yesterday, 9:32 PM, By Crash
0 viewers Topics: 220 Replies: 23,948
Regular Forum Games
Discuss video, card, tabletop, and other types of games here!
The Official Pokémon Sun and Moon thread Today, 8:55 PM, By Adnarel
3 viewers Topics: 1,874 Replies: 86,849
Regular Forum Pointless Gibberish
Incoherence, mindless blabberings, and things generally classified as pointless, it all goes here. Spam is allowed and completely unrestrained here, so beware.
1 viewer Topics: 5,284 Replies: 291,733
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  • Today, 6:24 PM
    Artemis: ware wa JACK
  • Today, 5:47 PM
    leaf: I thought you were the jack
  • Today, 4:16 PM
    Crash: your baby daddy's worst nightmare
  • Today, 3:37 PM
    Dracobolt: The Heart Ripper?
  • Today, 9:06 AM
    Crash: now baby i'm the ripper
  • Yesterday, 8:08 PM
    leaf: but what am I?
  • Yesterday, 1:27 PM
    Kris, Awooer of Worlds: you are a what
  • Aug 23 2016, 07:49 PM
    leaf: yes, let the what flow through you
  • Aug 23 2016, 07:44 PM
    Hoofs: w h a t
  • Aug 23 2016, 07:40 PM
    leaf: I baka'd you a cake

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