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Temple of Kraden News: Welcome to the Temple of Kraden! ------ All worshipers may enter the Most Holy Place in single file, reflecting on the bountiful blessing Kraden hath provided unto him or herself since their last visit. Head coverings are not necessary, as true penitence and humility are found within. The Priests and Priestesses of Kraden endeavor to remind all that fresh orange juice is heavily preferred; only whores use frozen.
ALL TEMPLE RULES ARE TO BE FOLLOWED IN ALL TEMPLE-AFFILIATED LOCATIONS WHICH INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: The forums, the blogs, the Snoutbox, forum-linked Temple chat rooms, the wiki, the oekaki board, and personal messages.

For all rules, staff discretion is taken in negotiating if something is or isn't rulebreaking and handing out punishments; we examine the context of who is acting, to whom, in response to what, where in the forum, and the past history of these members.
Warnings & Punishment

  • An unofficial warn will be given out for the first offence, except in severe violations. 99.9% of users aren’t flaming assholes and most cases of rule-breaking are the result of a misunderstanding. Rock on, Kradenettes. You are cool.
  • Subsequent offences will earn a warn note accompanied by a post preview of an appropriate length.
  • Post preview will be extended if the rules continue to be broken. Extreme offenders will be placed on a very very long post preview.
  • Suspensions will be implemented in the case of abusing the post preview queue. If the PM system is abused, the ability to PM will be revoked. Blog abuse will result in edits, deletion, or suspension. Sbox abuse results in those privileges being revoked.
  • Staffers may use their discretion in allocating punishments. If the staff member chooses to give a punishment that is not the usual one for a particular infraction, the user may choose to plead his or her case to another staff member if he or she feels the punishment is unjust.

Rule 1: Thou Shalt Not Hack
It is against the rules to hack or crack the forum or another user's account. Doing so will result in a permanent ban, as well as us mocking you for years to come. It is also against the rules to use another member's account to access parts of the Temple that you do not have access to on your own account, whether the other member gives you permission or not.

Rule 2: Always Retain Morally-Adequate Relations with Thy Fellow Kradenettes
The Temple of Kraden is a community of people, and like all communities, its members need to stand in certain relations with others in order for the community to function. Retaining a “morally-adequate relation” does not mean that you are required to hold everyone else in high-esteem, or to actively go out of your way to be nice, or to even like anyone else for that matter.
But it does require you to act in a way that is minimally decent towards them. Meaning, you do not openly deride another user, or respond to them in flame or condescension. If you wish to voice your disagreement to something another user said, please do so in a manner that is constructive and respectful.
Post previews typically range from days to months, depending on the context. Please note that "abusive, threatening, defamatory, racist, or obscene content" is against Zetaboards' Terms of Use.
In other words: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0la5DBtOVNI&fmt=18

Rule 3: Thou Shalt Not Spam Excessively
Spam must be kept under control and in line with the rules of the forum, and double-posting within 24-hours is discouraged (use the edit function instead). Spamming is allowed and even encouraged in PG, and bonus points for being amusing. Spamming is restricted in the Concerning Our Temple forums, the Golden Sun forums, the Roleplay forums, and disallowed in topics tagged [SSB]. SSB indicates "Serious Serious Business" and are generally topics held to a higher standard of discussion.
Elsewhere, keep posts relevant to the current discussion. Topics may drift in the manner of conversation, so ensure you are responding to what's been said in a meaningful fashion.
If a user does not stop spamming when asked to, they will be placed on post preview, upgrading to a suspension of longer duration if they attempt to flood the queue.

Rule 4: Keep Wholesome the Temple
Gambling, pornography, ROMs, advertising, viruses, libel, excessive profanity, and sexualized images for their own sake (for example, where the outline of genitalia is shown) are all against Zetaboards Terms of Use, and such incidences will be swiftly dealt with.
Consult with a staff member before posting content you are unsure of. Mild sexual content may be posted where a spoilertag with proper warnings is employed, but its acceptability is contingent on staff discretion and Reports received. Censor bypassing is permitted for artistic purposes (Roleplays, the Arts forum).
Post previews range from weeks to a permanent ban, depending on the offence.

Rule 5: Concerning Your Account
Barring exceptional forum events, all users are permitted only one account. Namechanges are permitted, but please keep a stable name for people to recognize you by in the True Name field. Switching from one Clan to another requires a two-week Clanless waiting period, unless you were in the Clan for more than a year or are a new member. Signatures should be no more than 400 pixels long before spoilertags are opened.

Reports, Staff, and You

Don't say things to harm others. If someone says that your behavior is hurtful, consider stopping said behavior. On the flip side, if you find someone's behavior hurtful, assume good faith and that the person did not realize that they were hurting your feelings. Unless it is completely clear that they are antagonizing you on purpose, make a good faith effort to work things out -- this means PMing that individual and clearly and politely articulating the problem you have with them.
If the problem persists or if you see something that clearly breaks the rules, we encourage you to employ the Report function to bring that post or PM to the attention of the staff (Report buttons are located on every post). We will evaluate the situation and notify you of our judgment. As our community operates by collective agreement in conjunction with the staff, Reports are key to our understanding of what you feel is unacceptable.

I have a problem with a staffer, what do?
If you have a problem with a staff member's conduct, as with rule two, first recourse should be to explain your issue via PM with that staffer. If you are not satisfied with their response, one may appeal to the other staffers, who will confer and get back to you. Staffers are not above the rules, and should conduct themselves impeccably.


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